Day 27 – it’s a big party

full bar

‘When will I grow up?  When will I feel like I’ve grown up?’  Lisa thinks as she looks at the birthday cards she’s opened from this morning’s post, a couple of them have ‘40’ written boldly across them.  She has texts and emails from more well-wishers.

Now she realises her error in agreeing to let her parents throw her a big party.  They call it a dinner, but there are 100 people, a buffet and a DJ.  It’s a big party.

It’s not that Lisa has a problem with her birthday, or even her 40th birthday, she’s just never been a ‘big party’ person.

She managed to get out of having and big party for her 18th and 21st birthdays, she held her ground even if her mother did mope for months and her father constantly remind Lisa of her mother’s disappointment.

But they were getting older, older than their years.  Her father’s health is failing and taking care of him is taking a toll on her mother.

Lisa does at least know everyone who will be coming to the party, she’s heard of parties where the guest of honour doesn’t even know everyone.

She hasn’t seen half of the guests for 20 years or more, they’re her parents friends. Lisa suspects their coming now to have a party with her parents, to have one last blast… before the funeral for her father that they all think is not far away.

Lisa doesn’t drink much, she has in the past but not anymore.  Her parents are paying for everything so she can’t complain, but the amount of booze that’s been pre book astounds her.  That was the only aspect of the party her father wanted to run.  Her mother bought him a new suit and shoes and will be taking him to the barber for a cut and shave in about half an hour, but all he cared about was the alcohol.  He’s working on about 10 drinks per person ‘because some people don’t drink much, but we can always keep the bar open a bit longer if we need to’.

She doesn’t want the party, but she’s having the party because they want it.  Their health is ruined because of alcohol


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