Day 32 – Protagonist backstory

1980's girl

Anna Thompson was born in 1975 in Melbourne to parents Peter, a Doctor, and Judy, a primary school teacher before marriage.  Peter and Judy’s marriage was not a success, they were not close, Peter had affairs and Judy concentrated on motherhood.  Anna doesn’t remember any great affection between them but there was not great animosity either.  Her parents co-existed, little involvement was expected of Peter and Judy and Anna enjoyed each other’s company.

As Anna grew up, Judy took up classes.  All sorts of classes, cooking, sewing, drawing, singing, DIY, she became a jack of many trades.  She was passionate about drawing.  Mostly landscapes but she frequently drew Anna, and always had pencil and paper close by.

Anna noticed her mother’s increasing frailness, Judy as tired frequently and she stopped going to any classes.  Judy fainted at the school gate one afternoon when she came to meet Anna, they were planning on going out for dinner and to the movies for Anna’s 14th birthday.

One of the other school mums took charge and an ambulance was called.  Anna was scared and felt guilty that she hadn’t been more insistent in getting Judy to see a doctor before now.  The medical investigation began and Judy was diagnosed with a rare and terminal cancer, she would not live to see Anna’s 15th birthday.

Peter stepped up, he was a better doctor than husband and father and though his specialty wasn’t in Oncology, he knew the system and made sure Judy got the best care.  He even managed to spend more time with her, and made a special effort to give Anna more attention.

It was too little too late for Anna.  At Judy’s funeral Anna’s friends and their mothers, Judy’s friends all crowded around her with hugs and words of solace and encouragement.  Peter was largely left


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