Day 37 – Emotions cont…

Emotions upside down

Lisa stops speaking, her body tenses and she can feel a heaviness in her belly, and surprisingly to her in her heart.  “I think” she pauses, looks at Genevieve and feels her shoulders relax a little, ‘no, I feel, like…” she looks out the window.

Genevieve watches Lisa notices the subtle relaxation flow over her body, it started at the shoulders, then her torso melts into the deep soft cushions of the chair, her knees had been clamped together and now they soften and open slightly.  She can see that Lisa’s body is relaxing but she seems to be holding her breath “Take a deep breath Lisa, just concentrate on your breath for a minute”, and Lisa does, there is a loud exhale and Genevieve can see her chest rise and fall.

Lisa feels a rush of warmth spread through her body as the muscles relax, the coffee cup falls from her hand.  The thought of catching it, the mess it might make, the apologies, the responsibility, all flash through her mind in an instant. Lisa watches it almost like it’s a movie, she decides to ignore all of those thoughts and try to find the feeling of her emotions again.

That physical sensation of her emotions was a shock, uncomfortable at first but she wants to go back to it.

“I really felt that, you know?” she finally speaks, Genevieve just nods. panic starts to creep into Lisa voice, Genevieve shakes her head no.

“I want to vomit.  I feel like in that dream I was throwing up all that anger, yelling


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