Day 73 – Good timing

Now Prtg looks back for Hotel Manager and he’s not there. She looks in the lobby and can’t find him, she’s disappointed and looks back in to the ball room but decides not to go in. She goes out to the terrace to be alone and finds him there as well. They smile awkwardly, and then dance together on the terrace. He asks if it’s ok to dance with the boss, she laughs and says she’s never been the boss before and hopes he will give her lots of help.


Day 72 – Reveal

3 suspects, all cleared by alibis So what next? Police woman asks Protagonist to tell her what she noticed at the discovery site.  Protagonist says she saw sawdust and drag marks.  Police woman agrees.  Confirms the sawdust came from the train station work room. Local Historian confirms his alibi, so does Vineyard Manager.

Day 17 – good progress

ALIBI: Police woman interrogates Bride & Victim’s boyfriend. They were together at the time of the murder, but don’t want to confess.  Groom walks in on Bride’s interrogation, she is using his as her alibi.  He says she’s lying.  She wasn’t with him and knows she was with the victim’s partner, the groom saw them kissing in the ballroom after they’d finished taking photos.