Day 50 – Inspiration and terror


I saw Book of Mormon last night.

It is as amazing as every review says.  I like musicals but I’m not knowledgeable about them, I know enough to see how wonderfully the show is a satire/piss take of musicals just as much as the church.

I was surprised to hear some of the chatter around me before the show and at interval, a mix of uni students, 30s/40s (including me), and older.  A lot of people didn’t know much about the church, and the pop culture references, and everyone still loved it.  There were many jokes that I got that didn’t raise a laugh or snicker of recognition and there was definitely no talk about the performers, songs, choreography etc.

Most of the audience around me seemed to be on holiday or in from the burbs.  I think they were there because it’s been well advertised and it’s a thing to do.  There was no South Park Matt & Trey talk either.

That’s how perfect this show is.  People go because the ads tell them too and they still have a good time.

As a long time thinker/imaginer who is only recently formalising a writing process, it gave me a moment of terror.  Who am I to think I could ‘write’ something!

Then I remember South Park has probably been around for about 20 years, they did Team America before Mormon and they have honed their very specific writing style to perfection.

Just. Keep. Going.

I’m going to concentrate on doing something every day, building my skill and experience, my 10,000 hours, and let it develop over time.

There will be success and failure, but The Book of Mormon didn’t happen overnight.

My story telling style won’t either.

As they say in Wicked, ‘those who don’t try, never seem foolish’.  I’ve spend most of the last 40 years trying not to look foolish or draw attention to myself.

I’ve spent the last year in and out of hospitals.

I have scars, no hair and papery skin.  I do look foolish.  It hasn’t killed me.

I’ve crossed the point of no return.  I’d rather look foolish than never be seen at all.

Yesterday I spent hours thinking about my murder mystery protagonist, her back story, reasons for her entry into the world, the world I get to create for her.  I had a wonderful day and was a little annoyed when I had to finish up to go so the show.

Today I’ll do more


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