Day 51 – Missed meanings

double entendre

Had brunch with a visiting friend today and we came up with a great character to kill off – my first murder!

So exciting.

She also suggested this TED X video.  She suggested is months ago and I’ve finally gotten around to it.  The message, design isn’t about the thing but about what the thing makes us do, was so easily translatable to writing.

The story isn’t about the plot, it’s about what the plot can show us about the world, ourselves and others.

For me, I have a thing about ‘meaning’.  If design isn’t about the thing, then meaning isn’t about the explanation.  Meaning, especially mixed or missed meaning is a major part of what happens to us all day, and what can make us feel sad, confused and disconnected.  Sometimes that mixed or missed meaning can make us laugh so hard we cry.  Meaning is about sharing an understanding.

To me, there is a difference.  Mixed meaning can have multiple meanings and even if it’s not noticed at first, it doesn’t take long for the variety of meanings to be realised because they rely on socially accepted alternatives.  It’s a contextual thing.  Missed meaning is more personal.  When the person sending the message has a totally different meaning to the person receiving the message – and there is no established, socially accepted shared meaning to rely on.  These are more often the culprit of negative emotions.

Now I get to think about how mixed and missed meanings can make a murder mystery interesting.  Supporting the characters, the plot and what the story tells


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