Day 54 – double session


20 minute session today because I didn’t write yesterday.

I had a couple of long appointments and didn’t realise I hadn’t done it until I was in bed.  I thought about getting up and doing my 10 minutes, but I was too exhausted.

I’ve started exercising again, and this week I’ve had an appointment every day and it’s all been more emotionally draining that I realised.  I decided the wise move would be to do 20 minutes today instead. Doing it hard just to prove a point is not worth it.

It’s almost the middle of August and I’m getting a good picture of the protagonist and the universe but I haven’t thought at all about who will get murdered, how many, how.

As much as I love these shows, when it comes down to it, I feel bad about killing people (as a fiction writer).

But kill (fictional) people I must.

After a conversation with another writer, I’m excited about staking out a basic plot.  Do I start at the resolution, my initial idea of reverse engineering?  I’ll give that a go and see if it works:

  • Police Friend arrests Killer
  • Protagonist & Police Friend name the Killer
  • 3 suspects gathered: 1. a Local, 2. the Victim’s Partner, 3. the Victim’s Rival.
  • Protagonist uncovers Victim’s Rival destruction of evidence
  • 3rd suspect, Victim’s Rival, destroys evidence of their rivalry
  • Protagonist uncovers Victim’s Partner’s plan of marriage for money
  • 2nd suspect, Victim’s Partner’s plans of marriage for money identified
  • Protagonist uncovers 1st suspect, Local’s fight with protagonist
  • 1 suspect, Local, hides evidence that seems suspicious, but isn’t directly related to cause of death
  • New Police Friend arrives, meets Protagonist
  • Victim found
  • Protagonist meets locals
  • Protagonist arrives.


Ok that’s more of a structure than a plot.  How am I going to kill this person?

  • Where: Protagonist the day before the murder for the reading of the Will of her previously unknown Grandfather and is named as the sole heir of the successful farm business and grand house that is run as a hotel & conference centre.
  • Who is this person? The Victim is a brash, bossy, wedding magazine person, visiting the hotel & conference centre to write it up in the magazine as a wedding location.  She’s never been married but everything in her life revolves around weddings.
  • When is she murdered? Found early in the morning in the Gazebo she previously claimed would be the perfect place for wedding ceremonies.  Her neck is broken, the roof of the Gazebo is smashed, initially thought she accidently fell from (something high) trying to take photo of gazebo the night before.
  • Foolish Police Man wants to wrap it up quickly as an accident.
  • Protagonist notices dirt on Victim’s clothes and dragging marks in the ground nearby, but is quickly dismissed by Foolish Police Man
  • New Police woman arrives in town, checks in to hotel, and she & protagonist bond over being new to town and agreeing the death does not look like a simple accident.
  • Protagonist & Police Friend meet locals and hotel guests (witnesses) over the next day or two.  They meet people separately and then end up comparing notes each evening over at the hotel.  Comparing personal lives and moving to the town and the murder.
  • 3 suspects emerge:
  1. Local man who doesn’t want to expand tourist industry. Everyone knows his opposition to tourism, was seen arguing with the suspect the day of the murder, is seen with muddy clothes and out of breath on the night of the murder
  2. Victim’s partner is victim’s 5th fiancé and the closest to marrying her. His devastation at her death doesn’t seem genuine

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