Day 55 – New in town

Heritage train station

I kept working on it after the timer went off and made some more progress.  Killing people (fictionally) can be fun once you get in the swing of it.

I’m starting to see this as the first novel in a series and that has helped me limit what I need to do with the plot.  I was having all of these great ‘what if she does this’, ‘what if that happens’ moments and wondering how I could fit it all in.

It doesn’t all have to go into this story.  I can narrow it back down and know that I’m laying the foundation for more to come.

I have a long list of characters and social issues that are representative of the vibe of the western world at the moment, and I can’ pick them up and put them down as I need them.

The victim runs a wedding magazine and is in town to promote it as a wedding venue and romantic get-away spot.  She will be accidently killed by being pushed from a height and breaking her neck at local heritage railway station.  She is pushed by a local historian who is restoring the station, he doesn’t know she’s there, he pushes something which knocks her off the platform.  He’s resistant to change and the influx of tourists that the town is hoping to draw, and won’t really be missed when he gets sent to prison.

The story is not going to go into the trial, his story will end with the arrest.  Nothing too vengeful and grisly to start with.

The protagonist and a senior police woman will both be new to town.  The protagonist has just inherited a hotel & conference centre and is staying there, the new police woman is also staying at the hotel until her family join her.  They can meet locals and witnesses through the day and then meet up in the evenings to solve the crime and become friends as the bond over their new beginnings.

The protagonist can have a love interest in the manager of the hotel.  That way she’s free to go about investigating and still has a reason to see plenty of that guy, but there’s the block of a work romance.

There can be a challenger love interest, at this stage I’m thinking he’s a business competitor so they can have the personal attraction but the professional block to their romance.

I’m toying with the idea of a parallel investigation plot for the protagonist to find out why her mother left.  The protagonist’s mother died when the protagonist was very young and she doesn’t know about her early life, her father was devastated by her death and has always been distant.  It’s a good


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