Day 57 – More characters and more tea

lady policeman.jpg

It’s cold, wet and windy today.  A perfect day to write and drink tea.

Getting a good feel for the story and Protagonist I think.  The mother/ghost think might be interesting but I don’t want to get distracted, there are still plenty of other things I need to work out about the rest of the characters.

The lead investigator will be a senior police woman (I’ll have to do a little research into the rank), she has just been transferred to the town and will be staying at the hotel for a few days until her family arrive and move into their house.

She is devoted to career and has a house husband.  They have 2 kids and he takes care of the home life so she can advance her career.  Their family is moving from the city, this is a promotion for her and the husband and kids are looking forward to a small town adventure.

The Police Woman and Protagonist will become friends and the Protagonist will be welcomed into their family.  This family are the opposite of the family the Protagonist grew up in, open, affectionate, stable, share emotions, no secrets.  I think the kids will be a teenage girl and a younger boy.  The girl will look up to the Protagonist.  In future stories there is potential for the Protagonist to mentor the daughter through rebellion/be her confidante.

The 1st love interest will be the inheritance hotel manager.  He will have moved to the town 10/15 years before, not a local but a long termer.   He has seen the world and moved here for the challenge of starting the hotel, creating something out of nothing.  He really cares about the success of the hotel and hoped to receive something to show for it in the will, he was disappointed but not jealous when it went to someone else.  He’s not interested in the Protagonist for the hotel, and is concerned she may think that.


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