Day 60 – Character flaws


Love is so lovely.

I was going to have 2 love interests, but I think for the first story, when she’s only arriving into a new town, there might not be enough time.

I was also thinking that she has to have a fault or two.

Her major fault is going to be her resistance to relationships – friendship and romantic.  She’s spent 15 years moving around so that she doesn’t get involved in any one community, doesn’t make friends, start romantic relationships.

She was a psychologist before she left and add to that all of the moving around she has done, she’s got the ability to give a great first impression.  She’s observant (helpful for investigator), she assesses the situation and people and how best to get along with them.

That’s actually a bit manipulative – she is always looking to tick her own boxes, food, shelter, a bit of cash and time and space to herself.

She uses her psychologist background to give the impression of being very approachable and friendly and makes people feel at ease quickly (helpful for an investigator for people to tell her their secrets), but she doesn’t ever share much of herself.  She encourages people to talk about themselves (which we all love and are happy to do).

It can take a while for people to work this out, and she has probably moved on before people realise she got them to talk about herself and she told them what they wanted to hear, but they know very little about her.

I knew a guy once who had many different and separate social groups.  He flitted between them so that each group didn’t spend extended periods of time with him.  He was an extrovert and thrived on the interest other people showed him.  He always put on a show but never spent enough time with any one group for them to see him lose his cool, have a bad day, or even be a bit of a shit.  His girlfriend bore the brunt of that, in private.  I lived with them for six months and didn’t see it, I was shocked when she told me some of his antics.

So a bit like that, but more of an introvert who needs to have a quiet place of her own to run to and recharge.  The charm she uses on people is designed to get her own way, her private space.

Who is the man who his head turned by her?

The hotel manager, he’s also lived and worked around the world


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