Day 62 – More characters

small town

Yes, he’s a silver fox, because this is my book and I like a silver fox!

So back to his traits, he’s solid and reliable – she’s not used to counting on people, she’s not used to staying around long enough to want to.

To remind myself though, the action will take place over a matter of days, so maybe all they need is a physical attraction and acknowledgement of that.

It’s a murder mystery series, not a drama/romance.

So if she’s such a loner, how is she going to strike up a friendship with the police woman? She’s also manipulative and now owns a business whose reputation could take a battering over this suspicious death, so being in with the cop is a smart idea.

All I have to establish in this story is that she entertains the idea of staying here and that she has identified the hotel manager and police woman as worthy of more of her attention than others in the town, and more than she would usually give.

The Will reading can also be a handy way to introduce some locals.  The Grandfather can leave some personal items, maybe some philanthropic gesture that require the introduction of some of the locals and develop the personality of the town.  Not just the personalities in the town.  There can also be some other opportunities for some good old school gossip and small town fun.

Through the Will the protagonist can also start to get an idea of the man – he was successful and rich, but also deeply rooted in the community, highly regarded, he was driven and devoted to one task – building the wine business.  These are all unfamiliar concepts to the protagonist, but they share a knack of turning their hands to different things, intelligence and curiosity.

They also share a lack of understanding of the protagonist’s mother, and sadness over that.


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