Day 166 – Still not special and unique

for good

A wonderful friend sent me a wonderful book.

She and I have some similarities and some differences that we’re very good at using on each other.  She introduced me to the musical Wicked and I can’t hear For Good without out a tear.  Yes, because I know her, I have been changed for good.  Both Good as in better and Good as in permanently.

She is also in existential and career limbo and has health issues.

This book had me hooked with a phrase about still not knowing what I want to be when I grow up. I have always struggled with not having a passion or clear direction.  I can spend about 3 years happily in a job then it goes pear shaped and I’m adrift again.

This wonderful book says that I’m alone or weird or broken, I’m a multipotentialite.

I thrive with variety and once I’ve mastered something and there’s no variety left, I’ll want to move on and try something new.


I’m so relieved to find out there’s another way that I’m not special and unique.

Some very energising reading and thinking happening at the moment and a sense of finishing one thing and starting another that lines up neatly with the calendar.

Because I know her, I’m being changed.


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