Day 177 – Back in my box

simplicity vs scarcity

Seems my father is not happy with something at the moment. I’ve been asked to do something with him and he just called to say he doesn’t want to do it.


I’m just the driver so he’s not stroppy with me, and frankly even if he was I wouldn’t be too worried. He’s not getting what he wants exactly how and when he wants it, so he’ll brood a bit and then concoct a complicated way to get it. I think that’s his favourite past time now that his health limits his movements so much.

I’m going to stay here safely inside my boundary and let the drama play itself out. I may get called in later, I’m not going to imagine all sorts of problems and solutions and then get offended when I don’t get to fix it. I’ve played that part too many times before.

I’m going to get on with my day, off to the Buddhist healing program and then on to Christmas Carols at my niece and nephew’s primary school.  A multi-cultural day, though I hope to steer clear of the extreme xmas shopping culture.

There’s potential for some social discomfort at Carols, so I’ll use the meditations today to shore myself up for the evening.

Then I get to come home to my quiet house with my cat and then my husband will get home from work and my family will be complete.

There’s a big difference between simplicity and scarcity. I’ve lived in fear of scarcity for years, now I live in the pursuit of simplicity. From the outside they might look the same, but from the inside there is world of difference.


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