Day 239 – Joy & Gladness


One of the choir songs we’re singing at the moment has been playing over and over in my mind. It’s a very jaunty rhythm with a pleasant melody and the phrase ‘come and sing with gladness, come sing a joyful song’ keep repeating.

It’s a lovely sound with cheerful words and I’m finding it comforting and indeed joyful.

A couple of weeks ago I had a line from Wicked on repeat in my mind, it had a much darker phrase about fathers and sisters. Yet the repetition of that also paid off eventually when I realised how much the lyrics applied directly to me. There was shock and sadness, and after those feelings passed I could feel that the long felt and barely noticed dullness that situation had held me down with had also passed.

It’s difficult to feel gladness and joyful and generally light when there is an unnoticed dullness holding you down

Even though I’ve been skirting around the issue for years, I was never getting down to the core of it.

Yes we know that music is powerful. I’ve felt plenty of intense emotions prompted by music.  I took piano lessons for about a decade.

It’s only been recently, when I joined the choir and let go of ideas about my talent and how I could and should engage with music, that I’m feeling the therapeutic benefit of music.

The rehearsals and performances are fun, laid back a lovely social occasion and an ab work out.

A friend gave me a Materclass course for Christmas, I chose Christina Aguilera and now I hear her encouragement as I sing light entertainment songs to people in aged care homes.

I’ve been prompted to do a solo, wonder what they’d think if I busted out some of my singing teacher’s numbers?


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