Day 240 – Permission


There is a lot of busy work going on at the moment. I feel like there are a ton of little things that need to get done because they’re little parts of a bigger picture. But I’m feeling like I’m spread out to thinly and not getting into anything properly.

Turns out I’m not the only one feeling this and there’s plenty of research to show we feel this way because we’re trying to multi-task. Turns out, we’re fundamentally unable to multi-task. We end up doing lots of things poorly instead of doing a few things well.

I gave up trying to multi-task when I read research that says it takes 15 minutes to recover from an interruption. And that’s what multi-tasking feels like to me, being constantly interrupted.

Now there’s even more reasons to accept multi-talking doesn’t work! A friend told me about the talk she way recently by Dr Amantha Imber. Dr Imber debunked multi-task as being addicted to the random positive reinforcement we’re getting all day when we check our social media & smart phones.

Most of us prefer to work deeply on something for a couple of hours, instead of rushing around on the surface of many things.

I love it when research gives me permission to do something that feels right to me but isn’t necessarily the current popular trend.

It’s no surprise then Facebook are going a massive recruitment drive for psychologists – just like poker machines, the real business is about keeping us watching the screen.  There’s very little social in social media.




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