Day 247 – Dream big(ger)

beach cycle.jpg

Went on a 9k ride this morning, unexpectedly. My husband wanted to go to the beach for a coffee, that’s about ½ a kilometre away so I suggested we ride. When we had finished our coffees and watching the water he suggest we go further along the beach away from our house.

As we got to each natural turn-back point, one of us would suggest we go on to the next point.

I do have some work I’m behind with and was keen to get home to but it was such a pleasant feeling riding along in the fresh air, a light sweat and my body moving.

I didn’t have any sense of how far we’d gone and was very happily surprised after I calculated the distance.

Now I’m switching gears (pun intended) to settle down in front of the computer for the rest of the day.

I have often gone through periods of attending a gym, or running, or extended walks, but they tend to last for a few months then I stop for whatever reason. I don’t decide to stop, even if I consciously decide to end a gym membership I keep going with other activities for a while before my activity falls off.

Now, I want this kind of movement to be included in my daily schedule. Working from home is the goal. To be able to fit in more of the health and wellbeing activities I want to commit to, without having to fit it around a commute and being anchored in an office would be wonderful.

I don’t think I’m entrepreneurial, at the moment I don’t have the comfort with risk for that. But I do think I’m a self-starter and would do well as self-employed with under the right economic circumstances.

My current focus is to work a range of health and wellbeing activities into my daily schedule, and to build financial security.

Maybe once there is some security I can dream big(ger).


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