Day 272 – Strength

Maybe its preparation. I am indeed taking less and less responsibility for others. I’ve noticed one particular relationship that has declined in frequency though not in closeness, because it’s never been very close at all.


Day 271 – Staying in my lane

I lived in London for 3 ½ years and I never had any crime committed against me. I never felt scared going home late at night or getting drunk with semi strangers. The TV and papers were still telling me how horrid the world is, but they weren’t telling me to be scared because I have a vagina.

Day 267 – Bonus

In the past, to cope with these situations we would both turn into hosts, not trying to out-do the real hosts of the event, but hosting any small grouping we found ourselves in. I think I usually found myself with some other shy and/or introvert and would then host them. Keep the conversation going, ask lots of questions to keep them talking and make them feel comfortable.