Day 360 – Of course


I good report from the oncologist today and hope of a break from medication in the new year.

As if that wasn’t a good enough morning, a sign of progress and motivation to keep going, when I logged in to WordPress and scrolled through me feed I read 2 timely posts.

Thank you to Defining Yellow and Our Beautiful Lies.

Encouragement, honesty, hope and truth.

Its wonderful, and if feels kind of rare these days, to listen to someone and not feel like I’m being preached at.

Self-expression is incredibly important, but:

  • We can’t control how our expression is received by others
  • We can’t make anyone think, do, be, feel anything
  • We’re deluded if we expect to be agreed with

We can ask to be understood.

If we learn to listen to others, we’ll learn to speak more clearly ourselves.

Sharing good news or our darkest thoughts with the hope of lightening our own load, and possibly even encouraging others, but with no exception of the outcome is a reasonable, gentle form of self-expression.

Shouting into the wind and demanding to be heard, accepted and agreed with can trap us tighter in our own pain.




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