Dy 364 – Carried

Photo by Artak Petrosyan on Unsplash

Gym session on Sunday? Check.

Church? Nope.

I turned the alarm off last night and decided if I woke up in time I’d go to church, but I wouldn’t force it with an alarm. I woke and dozed a few times so I probably could have gone. Last week the priest told me everyone has their own time.

I’ve rushed into things before. Not romantic relationships, but friendships and professional relationships. I put them on a pedestal then beg them to like me and wonder why I end up feeling used.

How wonderfully lucky for me that I didn’t do that in romantic relationships. My fear paid off there. My reserve kept me out of bad relationships. One of my best friends introduced me to an equal loving friendship, then introduced me to my husband.

My trust in her let me put my guard down and take a leap with a man she trusted.

I did consciously direct my relationship with my husband. In the early stages I deliberately went about making him my boyfriend. We texted for a few weeks or maybe months while we were in different cities, then when he came to town I invented a dinner with him, myself and another friend of our mutual friend, so it didn’t feel too first datey. But we did kiss that night.

I pushed for dates in the first couple of weeks, I think we saw each other midweek and on the weekend, and then a month or so into it I invited him to my house and later in the evening, sitting on the couch I asked if he wanted to go into the bedroom. I wasn’t certain what would happen when we got there, but I knew it was the next step.

He asked if I was sure, and I very boldly told him that’s why I’d asked to my house.

A few months later, as a number of different circumstances aligned, I ask suggested he move in. I didn’t ask, more like sold him on the concept.

It worked.

We work.

Sometimes you have to know when to push and other times when to be carried along.


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