Day 188 – There’s an app for that

I'm writing on my phone today, there is indeed a WordPress app for this very purpose. I don't love my phone, it's useful and sometimes helpful but I probably only use about 1/4 of its capabilities. I'm using the phone today because my plans changed and I have some time to kill. In the past … Continue reading Day 188 – There’s an app for that

Day 187 – What is that guy doing?

Isn’t that life? We think we’re comfortable and know what’s going on and then some gabronie turns up and confuses us.  Depending on how your day is going and the individual gabronie, you might want to be friends or you might want to give them a smack.  Of course to that gabronie, you’re the gabronie in their day and they might want to be your friend or smack you.